Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Krispy Kreme Challenge

Krispy Kreme Challenge
January 24th, 2010

I have always been curious about the Krispy Kreme Challenge run. How do they do it and do people actually participate in the eating the doughnuts and running? How is that possible?!? Well, in Tallahassee, FL, this was the 1st year that they put on this race. I just couldn’t resist going & yes, participate. Finding out more about what I needed to do to participate, you could be a slacker & only eat one doughnut midway in the 4 mile race or if your have a stomach of steel, you would eat a dozen doughnuts at the halfway point. Yep, I decided to play it safe and be a slacker. I was more interested in watching the fools that signed up for the challenge of eating a dozen doughnuts.
The gun goes off and everyone is running as fast as they would in a normal running race, knowing that once we get to the doughnut stop, it’s all downhill. We get to the mandatory stop, I see runners cramming doughnuts in their mouths, downing it with water. Some people flattening out the doughnuts in their hands to get as many doughnuts in their mouths as fast as they can. For me, they asked me how many doughnuts I would like to eat. Are you kidding me?!? I’ll take one, please. After painfully cramming that super sweet original doughnut down my throat, I started running again. Nothing like, choking on doughnut pieces while your just trying to get air in your aching lungs! Finally, I got to the finishline. Happy to be done with the craziness, but anxious to get back out on the course to see who all was going to be puking their guts out. Those Krispy Kreme Challengers didn’t let me down. The guy who ended up winning the race puked up that dozen doughnuts as soon as he crossed the finishline.
So, I was happy to experience The Krispy Kreme Challenge and ended up being the Overall Female Slacker. Yahoo! Who knows, maybe next year I will go for the real challenge of racing with a belly full of doughnuts.