Wednesday, October 8, 2008

What to do in the off season?

Now that my triathlon season is over, I am now figuring out how I should train. Before, I had to get so many swims, runs, and bike rides in, because of an upcoming race. How weird it is to actually sleep in. It just doesn't seem right not getting up at 4:30 a.m.. Do I scale back on everything? I mean, my next triathlon isn't for 6 months. But will I lose my speed in the meantime? Thought about taking up yoga, because my hamstrings couldn't be any tighter. Well, I think in the end I will continue swimming, until it gets too cold for me to get out of the locker room in my swimsuit, bike once or twice a week, and put in some serious running miles. I'll focus on running races until next April. Actually, there really isn't an off season for any triathlete I know. Who was the person that came up with that idea?!?

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

End of Triathlon Season

Wow, I can't believe my triathlon season is already over. This year has been my most successful year yet. I have thoughts of doing an IM next year. Some days I am ready to sign up for one, then other days I'm thinking, "No Way!." I am not a planner, so we'll see. I do know that I want to place better in Gulf Coast Half Ironman in 2009. I came in 4th overall this year, so we see what happens next year. I will also plan on racing St. Anthony's Triathlon and its sister race, Morton Plant Mease Triathlon. I loved that race in 2007. It was cancelled in 2008, because of bad weather. I will also plan on competing in Age Group Nationals in 2009 in AL. Other than that, who knows?!?
Well, I'm excited to actually have a blog page now and look forward to playing around with it. Take care, everyone!